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Remember your mother telling you to eat your vegetables? She knew they were good for you, but she probably didn't realize that not all veggies are created equally. While all vegetables are good for you, others can be classed as "SuperFoods" because of the super high content of goodness and disease-fighting properties.

This website will help you understand the foods that will help you to prevent disease, become a healthier person, live a cleaner, simpler, healthier lifestyle and actually enjoy eating (or drinking) your veggies!

So, let's jump in and get our hands dirty. Then, we are going to scrub them clean with natural soaps and lotions so we can prepare some yummy things to eat. Then finally (I've saved the best until last) we can go shopping!

So let's get this party started and - "Grow My Goodness!"

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Grow My Goodness! accepts no responsibility for your success or lack thereof in the garden or kitchen. Information contained in this website is obtained through personal research, and mostly from trial and error. It is for your enjoyment only and is not a replacement for sound medical advice. Your health is your responsibility. Eat your veggies, exercise daily, get plenty of rest, and visit your doctor annually.
Oh, and a glass of wine here and there might not hurt either!

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