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Other Ingredients Used in Home Made Lotions and Potions

Activated Charcoal

Aloe Vera Gel

Arrowroot Flour/Powder

Baking Soda


Bentonite Clay

Distilled Water - Water is a common ingredient used in home made lotions and soapmaking. While tap water can be used, it contains many minerals and impurities that may greatly affect the quality and shelf-life of your product. In fact, the use of tap water can cause your wonderful creations to go rancid in a matter of days! For this reason, it is highly recommended to use distilled water in your home-made soaps, lotions and potions, as it is the purest form available. Distilled bottled water is readily available at your grocery store at a very cheap cost.

Epsom Salt / Sea Salt / Himalayan Salt

Rose Water

Vegetable Glycerin

Vitamin E

Witch Hazel

Natural Colorants:

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