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Lotions and Potions

Daily Routine:

Wake up. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Wash your hair. Condition your hair. Wash your body. Shave. Apply body lotion. Apply face cream. Apply makeup. Style your hair. Put on deodorant. Put on lipstick. Go about your day. Throughout the day you apply more lip balm, more lipstick, touch up your makeup, wash your hands and brush your teeth a few more times. You might even repeat all of these steps again later in the day. Finally, you remove your makeup, wash your face, put on face cream, brush your teeth and go to bed, just to repeat it all again the next day. According to the Environmental Working Group, "The average woman uses 12 products containing 168 different ingredients daily"

When was the last time you read the labels on your toiletry products? Try to read the labels. Is there anything you recognize or can even pronounce? Your skin is your largest organ, and most everything you put on it is absorbed into the body. The cosmetics and toiletries industry is highly regulated for our safety, but does that mean your products are actually good for you?

Many toiletries contain ingredients that are purely for aesthetic value - colorants, preservatives, fragrances - many of which are synthetic and chemical based. While I am not a scientist, and don't have a medical background, I do know that I don't necessarily want to put these things into my body just for the sake of it having a pretty smell, a silky texture or because its color matches my decor! I would rather know exactly what I'm putting onto and into my body, and for that reason, this section of Grow My Goodness! will deal with how you can create your own lotions and potions with ingredients that are natural, and many of which (but not all) are actually edible!

As tempting as it may be, for Goodness' sake, please don't eat your face cream once you've made some!

If you wish to learn more about the scientific facts regarding the safety of the ingredients in your cosmetics, toiletries and household products, please visit The Environmental Working Group's website. Then, come back here and let's make some things that we can pronounce!

ENJOY your new hobby!

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Grow My Goodness! accepts no responsibility for your success or lack thereof in the garden, the kitchen or bath. Information contained in this website is obtained through personal research, and mostly from trial and error. It is for your enjoyment only and is not a replacement for good common sense and sound medical advice. Your health is your responsibility. Eat your veggies, exercise daily, get plenty of rest, and visit your doctor annually.
Oh, and a glass of wine here and there might not hurt either!

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